Storyville, 60 mins


This film follows TV journalist Sheena McDonald’s journey to piece her life and memory back together after suffering a brain injury from being hit by a police van four years earlier. She asks her doctors, family and neuroscientists if and how her identity has been changed and where it is located in the brain.

Executive Producer: Roger Graef

Commissioning Editor: Nick Fraser

Camera: Darren Hercher

Editor: Joanna Crickmay

Produced, directed by Clio David

Films of Record

‘a frank and fascinating investigation’ - Time Out

‘a compelling and intimate film’ - The Guardian

‘what could so easily have been a bitter, mawkish quest has produced this paradoxically good-humoured and touching film’ - Radio Times

‘a remarkable piece of TV’ - Lorraine Kelly, Sunday Post

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"Is that me in the mirror?" - Sheena McDonald, The Observer