One Life 10.35pm 60 mins


Brian Harvey used to be a singer in the nineties boy band, East 17, until he made a very public comment about taking ecstasy which saw the end of his singing career. In 2005 he had a tragic accident in which he ran himself over with his own car, and this film follows his recovery as he finds out if he will ever walk again. While his body is being pieced back together he looks back over his past in the spotlight and questions the whole notion of fame, while at the same time mistaking the press interest in his accident and his relationship with his girlfriend, the glamour model, Emma B, for a renewed interest in his singing career. Will he ever sing again? A darkly comic look at the perils of a certain kind of stardom.

Commissioning Editor: Todd Austin

Editor: Mark Davies

Produced, directed and filmed by Clio David

‘This is a terrific film – understated, objective, a tragic picture of a fallen man’ - Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

‘A wholly unexpected and pleasant surprise, BBH is more than celebrity puff….funny and honest’ - David Chater, The Times

‘This is a corker’ - TV Times